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Recirculation Vacuum Emulsifier - MCS Machinery

Recirculation Vacuum Emulsifier



Recirculation Vacuum Emulsifier — a recently developed vacuum process preparation system. It is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry that needs sterilization treatment and the production process of cosmetics with high quality requirements. Its design features energy shearing, energy control and product guide cone make the system especially suitable for those products with very high requirements for shear force control. The homogenizer here consists of a rotor-rotor-pair grinding head and an innovative product guide cone. Stable, efficient and high quality products can be obtained, and the operation of equipment is flexible and reliable. The design of the system is particularly suitable for SIP requirements. Years of production, application and development experience ensure that the equipment can fully meet the requirements of cGMP. Systems that meet the requirements of the cGMP rules need to pay close attention to product quality, system verifiability, and file traceability. The automation engineering of Mixcore systems has multiple levels of control that can meet your different needs


Allows for efficient mixing, dispersing, heating/cooling, and optimum feeding of additives. This machine is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as an extracellular vacuum homogenization tank. From ointment, cream, gel, syrup, oil and lotion, to various beauty products and hair products, is a new type of toothpaste production equipment