Super Mixer HLSG-600 cw wet granulator Expand

HLSG-600 Super Mixer cw wet granulator




Liquid spray is precisely measured to assure uniform granules and stable components. It has a high efficiency of productivity (only several minutes per batch), good flowing capacity and high degree of pressing and filling. Double frequency adjusting speed for the best result of granulation, simple and reliable torque-balanced cover-opening structure that could be localized at any angle for convenient operation, provides safety and reduction of labor intensity. The machine works at negative pressure with smooth and clean inside surface without dead corner, and also equipped with automatic wash in place of cleaning system. The air purge supply is changed to water to clean the air purged seals of the mixing tool and the chopper. The majority of product contamination is removed by repeated partial filling and emptying of the bowl whilst the chopper and rotor are run and technique for cleaning meets requirements of GMP.


Granules for herb medicine, combined tablets, capsules, instant dissolved beverages, powder and pigment, and for chemicals.