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Labeling CX-LT
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Labeling CX-LT




The CX-LT labeling machine is made of stainless steel equipment and advanced aluminum alloy, with a firm overall structure. It adopts mature PLC control system technology, making the whole machine stable and enabling high-speed operations. The touch screen control system makes operation simple, practical and efficient. It is widely used and multi-functional with high flexibility, suitable for round bottles. Sticker material can be transparent, which sticks without foam and wrinkles. Suppression can be adjusted by screw with synchronization chain mechanism to ensure smooth and precise calibration.


  • With upgrading butterfly labeling station design, this machine can label bottles with
    good stability and labeling level off, with no wrinkles and bubbles.
  • Adopts a servo motor, standard PLC touch screen, standard sensor electronic control system with a high safety coefficient, easy to use, simple to maintain. Have any label, no standard automatic correction and automatic detection function.


Suitable for food beverages, pharmaceuticals, traditional medicine, and cosmetics industry to label round bottles.

More details

Labeling Speed 20-100 bottles/min
Labeling accuracy (mm) kurang lebih 1 depend on the evenness of the plane
Printer to use air 5 kg/cm2
Object size (mm) H: 30-180 ; W: 20-150
Label Size HL : 25-300 ; W : 20- 180
Roll Size Inside : 76 ; Outside : 300
Power 0.75 kW
Voltage AC 110/220V, 50/60 HZ 1 phase
Driving mode Servo or stepping Motor
Servo labeling motor Delta
Optical Omron (Japan)
Label sensor Leuze (Germany)
Frequency changer Danfoss
Label Detection Sensor Precise label detection
Label stock sensor To detect label stock
Bottle Sensor To detect bottle in conveyor
Diameter Bottle H : 30-280 ; D : 20-150
Transparent label sensor LEUZE(Germany)
Air consumption 5 kg/cm2
Weight 280
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 2000 ×1000 × 1360
Main Motor TCG (Taiwan)
PLC Mitsubishi (Japan)
Inverter Danfoss
HMI Weinview
Electrical Part Schneider (France)
Emergency stop Stops main machine in case of emergency situation