DS500P Auto Powder Packaging Machinery Expand

DS500P Auto Powder Packaging Machinery

DS 500P, sachet powder



DS500P can automatically finish counting the quantity of bags, filling, sealing, slitting and counting, with packaging material polyethylene, BOPP film, and tea filter paper. Equipped with photoelectric cells and auto constant temperature device, stepless speed governor, PLC and auto counter.


for packaging foodstuff, pharmaceutics, chemicals and agricultural chemicals, as well as granules with little viscosity. It is applicable for packaging milk powder, bean milk powder, protein powder, sesame seed powder, the five spices (prickly) powder, glucose powder, oatmeal and cornstarch, etc. 

OPTIONAL: QVC-1 Transferring Powder

Filling Precision ±2%
Packaging capacity 50-500 g
Packaging Size (mm) L 50-250
Packaging Size (mm) W 50-180
production capacity 15-50 (pcs/min)
Eye mark sensor Detect Plastic Foil
Power Supply 220 V ; 50 Hz ; 1 Phase
Power Consumption 2.4
Weight 350
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 1250 x 830 x 2100
Main Motor China
Servo motor DPG
PLC China
Inverter China
HMI China
Electrical Part China
Emergency stop Stop main machine in case of emergency situation