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TD50 Extractor - MCS Machinery
TD50 Expand

TD50 Extractor




This equipment has excellent manufacturing, complete collocation, simple operation.

It is suitable for water extraction and alcohol extraction for small batches, multi variety production. It can extract under normal pressure and negative pressure to avoid the burning of herbs by high temperature, and recycles volatile oil. The temperature can be adjusted. It is equipped with vacuum switch and control box.

With glass oil-water separator for easy observation.

All the machines have no dead corners, so it is easy to clean and it is according to GMP standard. 


To extract herbs in small batches in R&D laboratory, traditional medicine industry, etc. 

Volume 50 L
Temperature scope 0-200◦C
Steam cost 230
Circulation Water Cost 10
Vacuum Pump 2BV2060
Power Vacuum pump (Kw) 2 x 2.2
Liquid Pump BAW-1-16
Power Liquid Pump (Kw) 0.55
Total Power (Kw) 24
Electrical Supply 380 V ; 3 Phase ; 4 Wire + 1 Ground
Material Non-contact part SS304
Temperature Control Omron (Japan)
Transferring Pump Wenzhou Fengri
Vacuum Pump Shandong Zhibo
Electrical Heater Wenzhou
Filters Wenzhou Xingao
Pipes Wenzhou Xingao
PT-100 Precision temperature control
Safety Valve Release excess pressure
Material Contact Part SS316L
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 2440x850x2600
Emergency stop Stop main machine in case of emergency situation