Company Profile


PT Multi Cipta Solusindo provides a full cycle service in the design, manufacture, implementation, calibration and maintenance of PHARMACEUTICALS, COSMETICS, HERBAL, FOOD AND BEVERAGE processing and packaging machineries.



To deliver innovative, integrated, and comprehensive solutions that empowers people, disrupts the industry and creates lasting change


  • Becoming a responsible and ethical firm by complying to law-abiding regulations and qualifications as specified by the government and industry. This entails the ability to provide high quality machinery which meets cGMP, ISO 9001, HACCP, CPMB, CPOB, CPKB, CPOTB.
  • Serving with purpose- help to ease the challenges associated with machineries and its associated systems whilst conforming to ethical obligations, which consequently allows us to deliver quality products as promised.
  • Providing innovative and integrated solutions as well as offering guidance and recommendations through our professional consultancy service.


Our company is built on being:

  • Quality : Supply high quality machinery which meets to cGMP, ISO 9001, HACCP, CPOB, CPKB, and CPOTB requirements
  • Professional : our GMP competent personal, include pharmacists & technicians
  • Reliable : deliver a quality product as promised
  • Flexible : tailor-made solution, provides a variety of machines as stand-alone or as a full line
  • Hands on : guarantee close cooperation to deliver what you need
  • Full service : documentation, parts & technical backup department