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Pin Mill SM-10 - MCS Machinery
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Pin Mill SM-10




This SM-10 pin mill machine has versatile crushing functions and is easy to operate and clean. Used in both wet granulation and dry granulation process to reduce particle size into uniform and specific granules, so the flowing characteristic of granules can be enhanced.


The grinding action is achieved by impacting the product particles with a series of hardened steel pins, controlled by altering the feed rate and speed of the rotor, to produce the desired tight particle size distribution.


In pharmaceutical, API’s, food and beverages, grains, seasoning powders, spicy materials, chemicals and metallurgical industries.

Power 10 HP
Speed Rotation 2400 – 2800 rpm
Capacity 200 – 400 kg/hr
Mesh Range Depending on crushing products
Main Motor Taiwan
Electrical Part Taiwan
Emergency stop Stops main machine in case of emergency situation