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XG-1 Bottle Capping Machine - MCS Machinery
XG-1 Expand

XG-1 Bottle Capping Machine




-   Easy to adjust different caps. Cap-feeding and cap wearing device are suitable for all kinds of caps.

-   Torque control, to ensure the quality of capping.

-   Swing type cap wheel, so that the intensity of capping is more appropriate, greatly reduces the cap wheel wear.

-   Self-diagnoses errors and stops working to make alarm at errors and missing bottles, caps. The bottle with twisted cap, without cap and/or without aluminum foil will be removed.

-   Automatically adjusts cap-feeding and cap-ordering state, reducing the friction of the collision between the caps and not damaging the cap.

Process Flow :

The caps are ordered through oscillation caps arranging part, the upward caps stream into caps dropping trajectory, there is photoelectric sensor which detects caps in the conveyor. When the channels are full of caps, the sensor observes and the machine drops and feeds caps. When there are no caps on channels, it will automatically feed caps.

Bottles are clamped at caps’ dropping part, and automatically covered with caps. Then pressing part screw the caps and make the caps pre-tightly, and screwed tightly, when passing two wear-resistant rubbers, which are spinning in high speed.


Common caps, protective ring caps, double caps, spring caps, flip caps etc.

Bottle Sensor To detect bottle in conveyor
Capacity (Bottle per minute) 50-100
Bottle size D: ɸ20-ɸ45mm H: 50-120mm
Cap size ɸ20-ɸ45mm
Power Supply 220v/50 Hz
Power Consumption 1
Air Supply (Mpa) 0.6
Air consumption 25L/min
Motor reducer JLEM/TQG
Motor induction JLEM/TQG
Cap feeding sensor To start and stop cap feeding system
Counting sensor Product counting
Weight 600
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 1800x900x1800
Inverter Schneider (France)
Electrical Part Schneider (France)
Pneumatic Part Airtac (Taiwan)
Emergency stop Stop main machine in case of emergency situation