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Spray Dryer




The production process is simple, and the operation control is very convenient. The surface area of material liquid through atomizing is increased greatly. For liquid containing 40 - 60% water (for special materials, may be 90%), in hot air stream, 95% to 98% of moisture can be evaporated, so it can be dried to a powder product through drying once. Especially suitable for drying thermal sensitive materials.

The product made by the machine has good uniformity, fluidity, solubility, high purity and quality. Therefore, when the distribution of granule sizes, final moisture, bulk density, granule shape of finished product must be conformed to accuracy standard, it is not necessary to crush and sieve the product again. The size, bulk density and moisture of product can be adjusted within a certain scope through exchanging operation conditions.

This reduces productive procedures and raises the purity of product.


Suitable for producing powders, granules or block solid products from solutions, emulsions, and suspension liquids and pumped paste liquids