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YCW600 Heavy Weight Check Weigher Easy Weight - MCS Machinery
Heavy Weight Check Weigher YCW600 Easy Weight Expand

YCW600 Heavy Weight Check Weigher Easy Weight




The machine can automatically reject underweight and overweight products from the line.


Application: to weigh products automatically, suitable for inspecting the weight of single products, as well as for inspecting the whole carton for missing items.

Checking range Kurang dari atau sama dengan 40 kg
Accurancy ±5.0 g - ±20.0
Minimum scale 0.1 g
Throughput 20-110 m/min
Optimal throughput (pcs/min) 35
Suitable product dimension (mm) L kurang dari atau sama dengan 650 g
Suitable product dimension (mm) W kurang dari atau sama dengan 590
Weight belt dimension (mm) L 1200
Weight belt dimension (mm) W 600
Rate Power (Kw) 0.4
Compressed Air 0.6-1 Mpa
Nozzle Connector Type Ø8 mm
Control Module High speed A/D Sampling Module
Product Preset 99
Rejecter Pusher
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 2122x1045x1271