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GH4020ML SF5030LG Side sealer and shrink tunnel - MCS Machinery
Side sealer and shrink tunnel GH4020ML SF5030LG Expand

GH4020ML SF5030LG Side sealer and shrink tunnel

GH4020ML SF5030LG



The GH-4020ML fully-auto side sealer is widely used in mass packing production. Automatic feeding, conveying, putting into the bag, sealing and shrinking can be completed in the same time. It can be used for products with different heights and widths with high working efficiency.

The horizontal blade of sealing part uses vertical drive; side blade adopts the international advanced thermostatic side sealing knife. The sealing line is straight and strong which can guarantee the sealing in the middle of the product. It can continuously keep sealing and cutting to achieve perfect sealing effect. The side blade seals continuously making the unlimited length of the product.

Temperature heating systems can be used for sealing various standard industrial films, such as POF shrink film. Only the hand wheel needs to be adjusted to pack different sizes of the products that increases reliability and operates easier.

It also hasPLC programmable controller, safety protection and alarm device. The sealing system can continue to make a smooth sealing action without replacement. The maintenance is very simple.

Feeding length is controlled by photo sensor and time relay which regulates film length precisely and makes the shrinking under control.

In addition, the installation of two groups of horizontal and vertical electric eyes are easy to switch, with a choice for thin or small package that can easily complete sealing packaging operations.
Auto waste film collection, controlled by a single motor, will not make the film too loose or too tight. It is easy to remove the waste film.

SF-5030LG High Grade Shrink Tunnel uses circulation technology and special manufacturing. The wind orientation can be adjusted, creating a good shrink effect. The heating elements are stainless steel which has a long life span and high energy efficiency.
It is equipped with Schneider inverter to control transmission speed. The shrink temperature, conveyor speed and air volume are adjustable. The conveyor uses new types of rollers covered with durable imported fiber tubes which have the properties of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, non-film damage, non-deforming and long-term usage. Complete with visual windows making the shrinking process clearer and insulation curtain to reduce the heat loss.

The roller can be chosen between rotating or non-rotating to meet different shrinking of different products.


Used to seal and shrinking plastic film to pack frames, aluminum, wooden products with single package or a combination of packaging, with POF/PE shrink film