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  • DHP-250P Blister Packing Machine

    FEATURES : The machine feeder can be connected with labeling machine and output can be used with cartoning machine, thus forming a complete automatic packaging production line. Equipped with PLC and HMI touchscreen control system.  Uses servo motor-driven and the main motor adopts frequency control. With special automatic servo drive feeder for ampoule,...

  • JFZ-550 Cone Mill

    FEATURES : Suitable for uniform granules quickly after drying. Ideal size of granules could be achieved by replacing different hole diameters of screen and adjusting the distance between rotary knife and the screen tube. APPLICATION : Granules for drinking preparation, tablets, capsules, slow releasing medicines, instant dissolved food and beverages, and...

  • Lab Digital Triple Roller Machine

    FEATURES : Low noise three roll mill with quick speed APPLICATION : To grind and open up color such as lipstick and chemical materials. 

  • XG-1 Bottle Capping Machine

    FEATURES : -   Easy to adjust different caps. Cap-feeding and cap wearing device are suitable for all kinds of caps. -   Torque control, to ensure the quality of capping. -   Swing type cap wheel, so that the intensity of capping is more appropriate, greatly reduces the cap wheel wear. -   Self-diagnoses errors and stops working to make alarm at errors...

  • Spray Dryer

    FEATURES : The production process is simple, and the operation control is very convenient. The surface area of material liquid through atomizing is increased greatly. For liquid containing 40 - 60% water (for special materials, may be 90%), in hot air stream, 95% to 98% of moisture can be evaporated, so it can be dried to a powder product through drying...

  • S-Mixer Type SS-50

    FEATURES : The main body of the conical type vertical mixer consists of two cone-shaped sections welded at their bases to a central cylindrical section. All the contact parts are made from SS316L. The axis of rotation is perpendicular to the cone axis and passes through the cylindrical section. The driving motor is located at one of the two lateral...