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  • Nail Polish Filling Machine

    FEATURES : Can fill 6 pcs nail polish in the same time, by vacuum system, controlled by PLC. Manual feeding for bottles and cap, automatic position filling system which could fill in different bottles with similar level. The conveyor positions the mold and proofreads the center of the mold. Working Procedure: Put empty bottles manually on conveyor → auto...

  • Rotation Nail Polish Filling Machine

    FEATURES : Auto rotation plate for empty bottles, and combine with conveyor to feed the bottle into the working station. Feeding the steel ball, brusher and inner cap is done automatically by vibrator. The inner cap is tightened automatically, and capping torque is adjustable. Feeding the outer cap is done automatically by conveyor, preventing surface of...

  • Single Nozzle Filling Machine (with heating)

    FEATURES : Valve & pump are easy to dismount and clean. With pneumatic system to fill, the volume and speed of filling are easy to adjust. Temperature of vessel and nozzle are controlled independently. Single Nozzle filling machine is able to apply to a wide variety of containers (tube, bottle case and plate, etc).   APPLICATION : Application: filling...

  • Single Nozzle Nail Polish Filling Machine

    FEATURES : Filling principle is by water-level system and easy to adjust. It can fill any liquid in different bottles with the same water level. Easy to clean up, exchange color and dismount because there are no other tubes and includes a recycled materials tank. APPLICATION : Single Nozzle Nail Polish Filling Machine could fill clear or non-colored...