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  • Cooling Chamber

    FEATURES : Cooling with cold air, the cooling temperature can be adjusted to follow the products. Conveyor as flow line, the speed is adjustable.  APPLICATION : Application: suitable for products that need to be cooled, such as lipstick, lip crayon, and other eyeliner products. 

  • Cooling Table

    FEATURES : Movable design, cooling with water system. The surface of the cooling board is made by hard alloy aluminum material. APPLICATION : Application: suitable for cooling after filling cosmetics

  • Digital Triple Roller Mill Machine

     FEATURES : The digital control panel makes it easy to operate, memorizes and saves combination of parameter for recall. The rollers are grinded precisely and have accurate roundness, so it can grind the particles to under 5μmm. Each roller is equipped with cooling device, cooling water flows into roller center to circulate inside, and flows out from...

  • Air Blow Released Machine

    FEATURES : This machine is facilitated by an air-blowing mechanism, powered by an air cylinder that can release lipstick stably. With two releasing modes: the whole mold of 12 lipsticks can be released simultaneously, or one lipstick at a time. APPLICATION : Application: to release lipstick, lip pencil and lip crayon products from various containers...

  • Melting and Mixing Tank

    FEATURES : Motor speed is controlled by the inverter. SS double jacket tank. APPLICATION : Suitable for stirring and heating of lipstick, lip balm and creamy products. 

  • Vacuum Silicone Lipstick Released Device

    FEATURES : This machine can release lipstick from silicone molds by vacuum principle, releasing one by one manually.  APPLICATION : Application: suitable for various materials, even with high viscosity.

  • Lab Digital Triple Roller Machine

    FEATURES : Low noise three roll mill with quick speed APPLICATION : To grind and open up color such as lipstick and chemical materials.