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  • Compact Powder Machine

    FEATURES : 1.      Automatic Compact Powder Filling Machine, can set up 1 – 3 filling times. 2.      Improved design that compresses from lower to upper press, overcoming traditional machine's weakness. 3.      Bottom, middle and top molds all set on the working stage. Each style only needs one mold. 4.      Pressed powder volume adjustable, do not need...

  • Lab Compact Powder Machine

    FEATURES : 2-stage mold pressing motion, the upward and downward motions of pressing board are controlled by an air (oil) cylinder. Its sufficient and balanced pressure volume makes the pressing board more steady. APPLICATION : Able to fill eye shadow, blush and pressed powder. 

  • Loose Powder Filling Machine

    FEATURES : There is no jamming or clogging problem with Powder Filling Machine. Equipped with dust collector to recycle powder remnants.  APPLICATION : Able to fill loose powder with oil content less than 5%. 

  • Rotation Liquid Powder Injection Machine

    FEATURES : Can fill 1-8 multicolor liquid powders, with filling direction by side injection. Filling and vacuum overflowing device can work at the same time. Each color can be filled individually, with an adjustable twice pressing system and individual filling speed. With 2 (two) rotation tables, one has 2 trays of filling and three trays of smoothing,...