SLB-220 Expand

SLB-220 Strip Packing Machine




The automatic strip packing machinery is suitable for automatic double-aluminum foil hot sealing package.

Tablets in the hopper are fed into the round table, by gravitation and vibration rotary system, which transports it through supply tubes to the finger device. The device grips the various pieces and centers them for their entry into the sealing. Product feeding is controlled by product sensor. If there are no products (tablets/capsules), the vibrator starts to vibrate the hopper and tablets/ capsules will be fed into the rotary feeder.

The temperature of sealing-roller can be steadily maintained, because a precise temperature control device is adopted.

Eye mark sensor is mounted to assure the foil is on the right position, while the drag-roller tenses the strip and makes sure the sealing and cutting is perfect. Sensor rejecter is equipped to detect and reject unfilled strips.


The row number of cutting can be adjusted from 1 to 99 rows. The column number and location of the slitting can be adjusted easily. This device can cut very precisely with very small noise.

All the functions of the machine are synchronized by encoder.


This machine can pack tablets, capsules, candy and pills in medicine, healthcare, chemical, foodstuff etc. industries.


Suitable for automatic aluminum-aluminum foil, aluminum-plastic combined film or plastic-plastic foil hot sealing.

Speed reducer and main motor ZIK
Encoder Synchronizing the machine operation
Eye mark sensor To assure the foil on right position
Sensor rejecter To detect and reject un-filled strip
Product Sensor To control product feeding
Pharmaceutical Capsule, caplet, pill, tablet, suppositories, lozenges.
Speed of drum (rpm) 7-15 (Staples)
Production Capacity (pcs/h) 20000-85000
Packing dimension (mm) 220
Packing matrial specification (mm) PVC for medicine 0.05-0.1 x 220
Packing matrial specification (mm) aluminium- plastic combine filme 0.08 x 220
Packing matrial specification (mm) Hole Diameter 70-75
Electro thermal power 380 V ; 1.5 KW x 2
Air Pressure (Mpa) 0.4-0.6
Air Supply (m3/min) lebih dari atau sama dengan 0.1
Pneumatic Valve Airtac - Taiwan / SMC - Japan
Main motor power (KW) 0.55
Rejecter BEND
Overall dimension (L x W x H) mm 1500x750x1670
Material Contact Part SS316L
Weight 650
PLC Mitsubihi - Japan
Inverter Mitsubihi - Japan
HMI Mitsubihi - Japan
Electrical Part Schneider - France
Emergency stop Stop main machine in case of emergency situation