Counting DJD 1C Expand

Counting DJD 1C




This equipment counts and fills different products with different quantities in the same bag. Filling quantity of each product can be adjusted independently.

Counts by infrared and sensor that doesn’t wear or break the product and is compatible with all kinds of materials. Can accomplish bag forming, counting, filling, bag sealing and printing at the same time.

Modularized design for very easy cleaning and disassembling, only need to change a couple of parts when shifting between different products.



For filling different products such as capsule, soft gels, normal tablets, special shape tablets, coating tablets, pills in different quantities at the same bag.

Length of bag (mm) -
Width of bag (mm) -
Capacity (bags per minute) 5-50
Product Sensor (Infrared) To count and detect breakage product
Working Range lebih dari atau sama dengan 2 (adjustable)
Counting system Nantong Hengli
Speed Control T.W.T
Power Supply 220v ; 50 Hz
Power Consumption 4.5
Weight 500-600
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 1050x1250x1650
Main Motor GPG (China)
Electrical Part Schneider (France)
Emergency stop Stop main machine in case of emergency situation