Gen-Purpose Check Weigher YCW300 Easy Weight Expand

YCW300 Gen-Purpose Check Weigher Easy Weight




The machine can automatically reject underweight and overweight products from the line.


Application: to weigh products automatically, suitable for inspecting the weight of single products, as well as for inspecting the whole carton for missing items.

Checking range Kurang dari atau sama dengan 3000 g
Accurancy ±0.5 g - ±2.0
Minimum scale 0.1 g
Throughput 20-110 m/min
Optimal throughput (pcs/min) 80
Suitable product dimension (mm) L kurang dari atau sama dengan 300 g
Suitable product dimension (mm) W kurang dari atau sama dengan 300
Weight belt dimension (mm) L 450
Weight belt dimension (mm) W 300
Rate Power (Kw) 0.4
Compressed Air 0.6-1 Mpa
Nozzle Connector Type Ø8 mm
Control Module High speed A/D Sampling Module
Product Preset 99
Rejecter Swing Arm
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 1700x878x1385